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The greater Houston area has been battling the effects and the aftermaths of Hurricane Harvey since Sunday August 27.  Many people in our community are significantly affected by this  historical disaster. They either got flooded or forced to evacuate to a safer place. Because we have seen many of our community members tried to find out if their family and friends are safe through disparate social media and requested information or helps, THSH decided to set up a Disaster Recovery Facebook page as a platform for information, safety check, aid communication, and to match between needs and resources.  We also need volunteers (volunteer Registration) who are willing to contribute their time, talents, monetary donation to help those who are affected by this catastrophic event.  Let’s work together to overcome this adversity.  Thank you. Please visit

Join BIG love cancer care fun run/walk again this year on September 24 to help this organization raise money for pediatric cancer patients and their families. This organization provides love and support to patients and families in Texas Children's Hospital and Dell Children's Medical Center in Austin by helping them purchase basic necessities while inpatient and fulfill small wishes. You can participant in the run/walk by signing up online or at TCC ( adult $30, children $20 ); or if you cannot participate on the day of the event, you can make donations under our team name (Taiwanese Heritage Society Houston). We had a great turnout last year with the 3rd highest number of participants. See you again this year!

Time: The original date time was set to 9/24 7:30 AM. Due to hurricane Harvey, this event has been postponed until further notice.  We will post the new date as they are announced.
Pearland Town Center
11200 W Broadway St #500
Pearland, TX 77584 (Map)

If you want to know more information about B.I.G love cancer care, please go to:

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Growing up with My Dear Sons - Kinglan Hung
Homeland Security - No One Can Get In - Vicki Huang
What Happens In Vegas - Carol Chang
Prayer For My Father Robert Lee - Simon Lee

Event Previews (Event Calendar)

2017 Taiwanese American Heritage Scholarship

Founded in 1989, the Taiwanese Heritage Society of Houston (THSH) is committed to promoting Taiwanese American culture and serving the general public in the greater Houston area. The establishment of the Scholarship Program further affirms our ongoing effort to advocate for higher education and community service for young adults. Please visit our scholarship webpage for more information.  This year's application started on August 1, 2017.  All required documents must be received by October 6, 2017.  If you have any question,please email to (Online Application)

September Events

Depression Part I
Time: Monday, September 11th, 1PM-2PM

Last month, when Mrs. Doris Muinde, an expert from Gateway to Care, came to speak to this with chronic illnesses who need to regularly take medication about self-care, coping mechanisms, and training, some community members brought up depression and suggested that she come to speak about this topic. She will gladly host two classes for us. The first part is an introduction: what is depression? What are the types of depression? What are the symptoms? How is it diagnosed? When do you need to receive treatment?
Cost: free for both members and non-members.

E.T. Cluster of Star
Time: Saturday, September 16th , 12:30PM-1:30PM

The Movie E.T.-The Extra Terrestrial swept the globe in 1982. Not only children, but even adults loved this movie. This year happens to be the 35th anniversary of this movie. Looking back on this lost alien returning to his planet, we are happy for him. Where did he come from? Astronomer Ms. Debbie Moran will be coming to introduce the E.T. cluster of stars, which is just like the starry sky men-tioned in the movie. September is the best time to see this star cluster. Surely adults will enjoy this event with their children and then take their kids to search for these stars with a  telescope.
Cost: free for both members and non-members(Online Registration)

Depression Part II
Time: Monday, September 18th, 1PM-2PM

Mrs. Doris Muinde will continue with her second class and speak about how to prevent depression, how to treat depression with medication or foods, how to exercise to reduce its effects, and how family members can help those coping with depression.
Cost: free for both members and non-members.

Begonia caring & propagation
Time: Saturday, September 23rd, 12:30PM-1:30PM

There are over 900 types of begonias, with gorgeous colors, a variety of shapes, and leaves that are green and tender. They are a well-known flower for admiring and can also be grown as indoor plants or flower bed anchors. Their bloom time is long, from April to November. Not only are the flowers beautiful, their leave colors are also plentiful. It’s said that when lovers separate, they often gift each other begonias to signify their longing for each other, because begonias have small flowers that look like teardrops, as though they have something to say. Harris County Master Gardener Dr. Jean A. Fefer will be introducing us to the seeds and how to grow and propagate them. After you hear this talk, you’re sure to love them more.
Cost: free for both members and non-members
(Online Registration)

One-Day Field Trip to Port Arthur, TX
Time: Cancelled due to hurricane Harvey

Have you been to the city of Port Arthur? It’s located 90 miles east of Houston, where the land meets the sea. It’s also the coast where Sabine Lake meets the Gulf of Mexico. This is a city full of plenty of cultural history, and a great location to watch migratory birds and play at the beach. The city’s slogan is “laissez les bons temps rouler”, which translates to “let the good times roll”. We will be visiting the Museum of the Gulf Coast, Buu Mon Buddhist Temple & Lotus Gardens (a beautiful lotus and lily garden), and Veteran’s Memorial Park. Everyone is welcome to join, don’t miss this great opportunity!

October and November Events

3 National Marine Sanctuaries
Time: Saturday, October 7th, 12:30PM-1:30PM

Did you know? In the Gulf of Mexico outside of Galveston, there are three national marine sanctuaries. There are coral reefs, black coral, tropical fish, sharks, whales, creole fish, manta rays, coral spawn, etc. It’s a precious place for diving, exploring, studying ocean life and protecting deep sea animals. Ms. Kelly L. Drinnen used to work at Moody Gardens explaining the aquarium fish there to visitors. Now she works at Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary. She will be coming to talk to us about these three national marine sanctuaries and let everyone discover the world of ocean life. We hope everyone will demonstrate their interest and protect these areas.
Cost: free for both members and non-members (Online Registration)

Wills & Probate
Time: Saturday October 14th, 12:30PM-1:30PM

In July, Harris County Assistant County Attorney Ms. Susan Fillion came to explain living wills, which was very popular. Many people suggested inviting someone to explain how to create a trust fund. After contacting Harris County, we were informed that there is no such talk available. However, they will be sending Assistant County Attorney Mr. Brian A. Quintero to explain why you need to have a will, how to use a will, what to do if you don’t have a will, how to notarize and execute a will, etc. These are practical issues. Mr. Brian A. Quintero has been working at the Harris County Attorney’s Office since 1999 and has a wealth of experience and knowledge on these subjects. Hope that everyone will take advantage of this opportunity to attend.
Cost: free for both members and non-members. (Online Registration)

Nutrition and Body Exercise
Time: Saturday, October 21st, 12:30PM-1:30PM

Ms. Emily Chen of the Light and Salt Association will come to explain some basic knowledge about food nutrition, diet planning, food safety, choosing ingredients, cooking, cancer prevention, etc. After the talk, if anyone is interested, she is willing to start an 8-week class to teach everyone how to improve your health through diet and exercise.
Cost: free for both members and non-members. (Online Registration)

One Day Field Trip- Waco, TX
Time: Tuesday, October 31st, 8AM-6:30PM

Waco is located along I-35 between Dallas and Austin. The Huaco Indians built this city in 1849 at what is now the city center. This is the birthplace of soft drink Dr. Pepper, the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame and Museum, and the Texas Sports Hall of Fame. It’s also home to Baylor University, Texas State Technical College, and McLennan Community College. The scenery is beautiful and worth taking in. We will be visiting the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame and Museum, Indian Spring Park, Waco Suspension Bridge, and Waco Tourist Information Center. It’s a long trip you probably won’t take again for a while, so don’t miss this great opportunity!
Cost: Members $20, non-members $30. Includes all tickets and lunch. (Online Registration)

Monarch Butterfly Migration
Time: Saturday, November 4th 12:30PM-1:30PM

Did you know? No insect migrates 2500 miles with the seasons. The monarch butterfly is the only exception. Because the winter is too cold in the U.S., most monarch butterflies cannot survive. Therefore, around October every year, they will migrate to Mexico or southern California, returning in March or April the following year, to the same tree they left behind. Why? Come to hear Dr. Nancy Grieg, director of the butterfly exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences, explain. Not only is it fun, you’ll gain lots of insight!
Cost: free for both members and non-members. (Online Registration)

Highlight Texas Animals
Time: Saturday, November 18th, 12:30PM-1:30PM

Houston Zoo expert, Ms. DeAndra M. Ramsey came last year on October 22nd to talk about bats. The kids loved her fascinating lecture, so we’ve invited her to come tell us about some special an-imals in Texas. It will be unique and vivid! She’s taking time off to come speak to us for free, and we are very thankful. Please do not miss this chance!
Cost: free for both members and non-members. (Online Registration)

How to Hire a Repairman
Time: Saturday, December 9th, 12:30PM-1:30PM

People often ask: “I want to fix my house, but I wonder which home repairman is better? We are inviting Ms. Cindy Twyman from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to advise us: where to find more information about this, how to find a reliable repairman, how to create a repair contract, where to file a complaint if unsatisfied with the work, how to come to a resolution, et. Surely lots of people have faced similar issues before. We hope her talk will help us to prevent potential conflicts.
Cost: free for both members and non-members. (Online Registration)

Event Highlights

On August 5th, Mrs. Marti Graves and her husband from the Lone Star Chapter of the American Hibiscus Society came to talk about raising and propagating hibiscus. The hibiscus is a tropical flower. The type found in Texas is called the Texas Aster. Other types include schizopetalus, Mallow, Turk’s Cap, Confederate Rose, and Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis. There’s also a mini-size with 5-inch petals. Whether it is mini or not is determined by the size of the flower and not of the tree. When fertilizing them, Grow Better (medium) or Perlite (medium grade) work well. However, be wary of strong winds and cold weather. If grafting a plant, make sure it is 10” in length (about the length of a pencil), and graft during warm weather. Wait about 6-8 weeks until about five leaves have appeared, then they are considered securely grafted. If propagating a new breed, you will need stigma pads, pollen sack, staminal column, calyx, and a tag to identify the parent plant. When fertilizing, use medium grade phosphorus fertilizers (12-4-18 or 10-4-12). It’s best to fertilize them once every two weeks. If you have any questions, you are welcome to inquire with the American Hibiscus Society. Everyone is welcome to become a member or attend the semi-annual flower expo. Mrs. Graves generously donated two pots of flowers to us. Many thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Graves! (Event Photos)

Thanks to Judge Kristen Hawkins of the 11th Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas, on August 14, 2017, members of Taiwanese Heritage Society of Houston observed the judicial process in person.  Through the courtroom observation, attendees learned about the daily responsibilities of a civil judge, how juries are selected, the method in which the court reporter transcribes testimony and the actual opportunity to bang the gavel. (Event Photos)

On August 12, 2017, Dr. Mike Kuo who works at NASA brought a group of Hakka youth to visit our Taiwanese Community Center; they are from the 2017 Youth International Affairs Mission group that tours 4 US cities to promote Hakka culture.  THSH Chairman Wen Hsiao was narrating and showing them around the center that day.

On 8/12,12:00 noon -1:30P was Taiwanese School's Social Gathering。The school invited volunteers, teachers, school board, TYS, and THSH Board to join them.

Due to job relocation, Mr. Zen-Yu Chang decided to move to Kansas in early August.  Zen-Yu has been a long-term contributor to our community since 2003.   On August 5, several community members held a small but warm farewell party for him, wishing him well with his new job.

Mrs. Doris Muinde, expert from Gateway to Care, came to teach those with chronic illnesses who need to take medication about Stanford University’s Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP). The classes started on July 18th, running every Tuesday from 10:30AM to 1PM (2.5 hours each), and ended on September 5th. Six members of our community participated in this program, and resolutely completed the six weeks of training. Mrs. Muinde also will be giving a talk on the symptoms and treatment of depression on September 11th and 18th, and everyone is welcome to come listen.(Event Photos)

Other Community News

Taiwanese Chorus of Greater Houston Annual Concert
《Fly! Formosa Fly》September 9th
This year the Taiwan Chorus of Greater Houston celebrates its 47th birthday!  It all started in 1970, when students from Taiwan got together to sing their favorite Taiwanese folk songs.  Gradually, the chorus coalesced into its current form.  Over the years, the chorus members did their best to support each other in promoting Taiwanese culture and spreading happiness through singing.
The Chorus will hold its annual concert on Saturday, September 9th, 7:30pm at Houston Baptist University’s Belin Chapel. The theme of the concert is “Fly! Formosa Fly” and the Chorus will present this theme as a musical play, celebrating the happy times of childhood and admiring the beautiful homeland.  The play will take you from flying kites to the delicious market food stands, from Hakka folk songs to adoring aboriginal dance.  “Fly! Formosa Fly” will praise emerald Formosa and pray for world peace.
The Chorus members are not only sing from their hearts, but also dancing and acting.  In addition, a few of Houston’s top musicians will showcase their talents, including saxophonist UH professor Dan Gelok and the chamber music ensemble Trio Oriens.   No doubt, it will be a versatile and delightful concert!
“Fly! Formosa Fly” expresses the beauty of Taiwan and the pure joy of singing.  With music, dance and plays, we hope to bring love to the world, and we hope that Taiwan will strive to fly high!

Taiwanese American Archives' mission is to search, collect, store, and display historical documents,articles, photos, video, and artifacts pertaining to history of Taiwanese American ethnic group. Its goal is to establish a comprehensive Taiwanese American Archives ASAP, so it will be a good place for scholars, students and our future T. A. generations worldwide for knowing and studying Taiwanese American Ethnic Group.  Its August 2017 newsletter is available for downloading from the following link: Newsletter of T.A. Archives September, 2017

TACL Toastmasters Monthly Activities
TACL Toastmasters Club was established 25 years ago, with the mission to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth.
Have you ever been afraid to speak in public?  Want to improve on your speaking, critical thinking, leadership or English?  We invite you to visit us, to see what Toastmaster is about!   We meet at the Taiwanese Center, room 203, Monday nights 7:30 - 9:00pm.  Highlights from the past month:

  • 7/24, great meeting with didactic speeches from Nam on the extreme ownership style of leadership and Sunny on double checking health info you get off the internet . Our area director Belinda visited and Nam brought two guests, Joseph and Shalu!  Kevin led a fun table topics on 25 yrs ago / 1992 in honor of our club's 25th anniversary!
  • 7/31, Shang gave a hilarious speech about being addicted to Toastmasters and club president Kevin spoke on his club vision, to calling on us to continue the club tradition of providing a welcoming atmosphere to practice our skills, provide mentorship and serve not just our members, but the community!
  • 8/7, our meeting this week wasn't convoluted,  it was simply awesome!  Lorrine gave a fun speech on different cultural cues and Patrick spoke on helping others for God.  Peggy graciously stepped in to lead a fun table topics session on museums.
  • 8/14, a pervasive sense of fun at our meeting this week, Sunny gave a speech for a school-age audience on being positive and Stephen regaled us with his hospital stay experience. We had a guest, Lo Mao from Taiwan, and Van led a great topic session on the important things in life!
Our club contest for Humorous speech and Evaluation is on Monday, Aug 28th!  Club President Kevin and VP Education officer Lorrine ask club members to give it a shot, take part in the contest or volunteer for a role!  We welcome guests to visit our contest.  Doors open at 6:45pm, briefing at 7:15pm, and contest start at 7:30pm.  We are looking forward to a successful contest. Check us out online at on Facebook @TACLtoastmasters or

Golden Club - Casino Trip and a golf tournament
Date: 9/26 - 9/27
Location:Coushatta Casino
Cost:  Double occupancy is $82.00 per room ( or $41.00 per person ); Single
room is $72.00 per person
Golf Green fee is $40.00 each round.
Tee time on Sep. 26 is 1:00PM, Shotgun Start.  Tee time on Sep. 27 is from 7:00AM to 8:00AM.

Houston Formosan Evergreen Association Monthly Meeting - September
Date: September 2, Saturday,  2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Location: Taiwanese Community Center
Program: Moon Festival Celebration

TCC Announcements

  1. Monday, September 4th, TCC will be closed in observance of Labor Day.
  2. Clothing & Food Drive: September 1st to November 30th is our donation period this year for cloth-ing and canned foods. Last year, our community members donated nine bags of clothes to Star of Hope and three boxes of canned food to Turning Point Center. This year in early December, we will be donating both the clothing and food contributions to Turning Point Center. This charity is focused on providing food, clothing and shelter to homeless people aged 50 to 62. Due to their age, this age group has difficulty finding new employment, but also are not able to apply for welfare. They’re a very unfortunate group, so we hope to give them more care. Lately Turning Point Center has also add-ed a shelter for victims of domestic violence. The shelter currently has eight families, totaling 28 peo-ple including mothers and their children ranging from age 3 to 9. Sometimes there are as many as 40 people. Their most needed food items are milk powder and canned corn, canned green beans, or canned mixed vegetables. Their most needed clothing items are large towels, twin size bedsheets, and children’s clothes and shoes. If you have these items at home and they are clean and fresh (do not need to be brand new), these are their favorite items, so please donate to them.

  3. We would like to thank the Taiwanese School, TAA, and all of the volunteers who helped out the decoration, meal service, setting up tables and chairs, traffic control, and the program execution for the TCC 25th Anniversary celebration.  With their services, we all had a wonderful and warm Anniversary celebration party that day.
  4. Due to Hurricane Harvey, our originally scheduled speech - 「Atrial fibrillation」 by Dr. Randall Wolf on 8/26 was cancelled and postponed until later date, possible the beginning of next year, please continue to follow our announcement posting for further information.

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