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Once again, it’s time for the annual THSH Fundraising Dinner. Every year around this time, the THSH team examines whether our work in the past year has met the expectations of our members, and whether we have attracted more people to come to the community center to participate in our community activities and further become supportive of the THSH. IN this past year, although our time, manpower, and resources have been limited, the THSH has completed the below tasks with the help of many passionate volunteers:

  • Published an English version of the THSH electronic newsletter
  • Hosted 30 fun and informative free lectures
  • Opened the center to members to participate in various fitness and learning activities (ping-pong, dance, beginner Japanese, handicrafts, fitness, computer classes, bridge, sudoku, mah-jong, yoga, etc.)
  • One-day trips
  • Promoted Taiwanese culture (Held Taiwanese & Art Culture Fair, participated in Asia Society’s Asia Fest, celebrated Taiwanese American Heritage Week)
  • Established the Taiwan Study scholarship
  • Held Members Appreciation Party & the TCC 25th Anniversary Celebration
  • Sponsored and aided other Taiwanese community groups’ activities
  • Hurricane Harvey recovery and dispensing of relief funds
The Taiwanese School also opened new classes, and registration among young children continues to increase. THSH hopes that everyone will have a sense of pride and belonging in the community center, a home for Houston Taiwanese Americans. Our efforts now will benefit future generations, so let’s work together to maintain this home that belongs to all of us!
On November 11th this year from 3:30 to 8:00PM, the THSH is happy to invite Dr. Daniel Lu (盧道揚) to be our main speaker. Dr. Lu was formerly a member of the Pintung Christian Hospital medical corps. Before Taiwan and Malawi broke off formal relations, he served in Africa, and is now the Representative of the Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare in the U.S. At this year’s fundraising dinner, Dr. Lu’s topic of discussion is “Rediscover the Purpose and Action Plan for Taiwan's Participation in Global Health”. This will be a forum of global vision, filled with humanitarian care and foreign flair, so don’t miss this opportunity!
Aside from the brilliant lecture, we will also have performance of the Taiwanese Chorus of Greater Houston, a presentation of the TACS/TAHS and Taiwan study scholarships, auctions, and raffles. The grand prize is a large 4K Smart TV. Please come and join us!
Donations for the fundraising event can be made in $50, $100, $200, $500, $1000, or any amount of your choosing. Registration deadline is 11/4/17.  Here are different avenues to register and pledge:
  1. Register and pledge online.
  2. Upon receiving the THSH fundraising letter, fill in the number of attendees and meal preferences and send in your donation with a check payable to THSH in the self-addressed envelope enclosed in the letter.
  3. Register at and specify the number of attendees, meal preferences, and donation amount. Turn in your donation to the front desk on the fundraising night.
  4. Make your pledge to THSH board members, volunteers, or TCC manager.
  5. Free admission for students. Please register at and identify yourself as "Student."
Following a long tradition, the names of those who donate $1,000 or more will grace the wall of the grand hallway at the Taiwanese Community Center (TCC).  Also, your donation is tax-deductible and once submitted, an electronic receipt will be sent to you for your tax filing needs. For paper receipts, please ask at the front desk.  If your employer provides matching funds, please use your benefit to double your donation.  On behalf of THSH, we thank you for your participation and contribution.

Participation in Houston area community service has always been the mission of the THSH. We believe that Taiwanese Americans should be more proactively participating in the Houston community’s activities. Our community service will help promote the Taiwanese American community and raise mainstream society’s awareness of Taiwanese Americans.
Below is a review of the community service performed by THSH in the past year:

  • 9/25/2016 Participated in the B.I.G Love Cancer Care Fun Run for pediatric cancer patients and their families. Donations totaled over $2500, with over 35 participants.
  • 9/24/2016 Taiwanese School students utilized their creativity to support refugee children via drawings for Be the Peace - Be the Hope.
  • 10/8/2016 Lawyer Kathy Cheng hoped to bring attention to the importance of voting and becoming an informed voter, so she came to the TCC to talk about information regarding voter registration. She also hopes to recruit some volunteers to train and help with voter registration.
  • 10/19/2016 Houston City Government’s International Department invited 20+ representative groups working in multiculturalism to come to the TCC and hold a meeting for the Citizen’s Week executive board. THSH Chairman Wen-Yuan Hsiao gave a brief report and answered some questions about the Taiwanese American community. The visitors praised the management of THSH and thanked THSH for its contributions to the Greater Houston area.
  • 10/27/2016 THSH Cultural Committee Chair Yu-ru Yeh received the first Citizen of the Year Award from the mayor. For eight years, Ms. Yeh has been involved in the Houston multiculturalism community as a Taiwanese American cultural worker. Her receiving of this award shows that the effort THSH and Houston Taiwanese Americans have put in over the years to facilitate multiculturalism are again being acknowledged by mainstream society.
  • 11/30/2016 Food Drive ended, with three boxes of canned foods donated. All were given to Turning Point Center. This charity focuses on providing food, clothing, and shelter for homeless people aged 50 to 62. These people have a difficult time finding work due to their age, but cannot apply for welfare. We will continue to provide care for them.
  • 2/10/2017 & 2/23/2017 Sewed 86 hats for chemotherapy patients. 43 were given to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas on February 10th, and the other 43 were given to Houston Methodist Willow Brook Hospital’s Infusion Center on February 23rd.
  • 2/11/2017 Worked with other groups to clean up Japhet Creek Natural Conservatory. THSH volunteers were responsible for filling crevices in the paths with mulch to make it easier for pedestrians to walk around. Our contact Mrs. Carol Taylor was happy that Taiwanese American volunteers could participate, thanking us and asking for our continued participation.
  • 3/21/2017 Houston Arts Alliance’s Folklife and Civic Engagement Director Pat Jasper and Events Coordinator Angel Quesada accepted an invitation from Yu-ru Huang of the THSH Community Service and Culture Committees to tour the TCC. They were welcomed to the center by Chairman Wen-Yuan Hsiao. It was their first trip to the TCC, but they were amazed by the tangible and intangible resources available and by the variety of events offered.
  • 5/13/2017 THSH expanded its reach beyond the TCC into mainstream society, participating in Asia Society’s Asia Fest. The cross-generational team split up, with the THSH glove puppet group performing “The Legend of Sun Moon Lake” at the Brown Foundation Performing Arts Theater. Additionally, volunteer mothers from the Taiwanese School and members of the Taiwanese Youth Society formed a group to manage a booth promoting unique Taiwanese American culture via creative products (pineapple cakes, Taiwan-shaped handmade soaps and ocarinas, Taiwanese printed cloth aprons, Taiwanese Home Cook Books, etc.)
  • 8/1/2017 Thanks to the support of Dr. Stockton of the University of St. Thomas-Houston, THSH established the first class of Taiwan Study scholarships. The mission of the scholarship is to encourage academic study of Taiwanese history and its culture and political recognition, as well as promotion of studies relating to the Taiwanese American community.
After the flooding this year, THSH not only aided disaster victims and dispensed relief funds, but also fulfilled its social responsibility, collaborating with the Los Angeles Taiwan Center, San Diego Taiwan Center, NATWA, and the Taiwanese Chorus of Greater Houston to donate $87,459 to the Houston City Government’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund (THSH $10,000; LA Taiwan Center $35,450; San Diego Taiwan Center $17,619; NATWA $21,090; Taiwanese Chorus of Greater Houston $3,300). Even though the Taiwanese American community is relatively small, we never shy away from giving back to society.
This year, we will be continuing the Clothing & Food Drive for Turning Point Center’s shelter for victims of domestic violence until November 30th.  We are also planning to invite the children at the shelter to come to the TCC during the holiday season to celebrate Christmas filled with the Taiwanese American touch. On December 2nd, TCC and Houston Arts Alliance’s Folklife and Civic Engagement Director Pat Jasper will be collaborating to host an event called “Secret of Grandma’s Kitchen”, which is meant to explore the heritage of Taiwanese American food culture. We are also calling for participants for the B.I.G Love Cancer Care Fun Run on December 10th to run/walk to support pediatric cancer patients and their families.
We sincerely hope that everyone will participate in our community service. Everyone receives help from others at some point in their lives, and although most people are not looking for any repayment, we want to take the help we have received and pay it forward. Before November 30th, take a minute to see if you have any unneeded clothes or canned food that can you can bring to the TCC to donate. December 2nd, come to the TCC to share Taiwan’s food culture with other ethnic groups. Or, come spend the morning with friends on December 10th walking to support pediatric cancer patients. While we are living blessed lives, it is time to think about how we can live more fulfilling lives by helping others.
See you in some of our community service events :)

Taiwanese American culture is part of American immigrant culture. In recent years, Houston has developed into an important center of American food culture. After several months of coordination, THSH’s Community Service and Culture Committee is brining Taiwanese American food culture to Houston’s multicultural stage. Events are split into two parts:
1. Exhibition
Food and Family is an exhibition by the Houston Heritage Society taking place at Sam Houston Park.
It uses written records, videos and posters that are on display to present the history of Houston’s cuisine and explore the phenomenon of food as a culture maker in family life. For example, the portion focusing on bread includes interviews with bakers in the Mexican, Taiwanese, and Jewish immigrant communities. THSH volunteers brought Pat Jasper, folk art exhibition coordinator, to the Taiwanese Community Center to meet the THSH chairman, and scheduled a baker from Kamalan Bakery for an interview at the Ya-Yen Library. The exhibit from September 28th to January 27th also includes part of the late Dr. Ya-Yen Lee’s early Taiwanese folk items collection. The wooden moon cake molds convey the nearly 100-year-old beauty of handcrafts. The information in the display indicates that it is a tool Asians use in making moon cake, reflecting the cultural perspective of Houston immigrants (moon cakes are a shared food among many Asian countries).
2. Ethnic community activities
Other than the Heritage Society’s exhibition, this event also sponsors multiple immigrant communities to explore their own food culture and history. THSH’s Community Service and Culture committee and the hosts decided on the main topic “Secret of Grandma’s Kitchen”.

Time: 2:30PM-4PM, Saturday, December 2, 2017 (Online Registration)
Location: Grand Hall, Taiwanese Community Center
This event will include exhibits about food culture, an introduction to Taiwanese snacks, and food sampling.
Everyone is welcome to attend. For details, please contact THSH Yu-ru Huang.

Event Previews (Event Calendar)

November Events

Monarch Butterfly Migration
Time: Saturday, November 4th 12:30PM-1:30PM

Did you know? No insect migrates 2500 miles with the seasons. The monarch butterfly is the only exception. Because the winter is too cold in the U.S., most monarch butterflies cannot survive. Therefore, around October every year, they will migrate to Mexico or southern California, returning in March or April the following year, to the same tree they left behind. Why? Come to hear Dr. Nancy Grieg, director of the butterfly exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences, explain. Not only is it fun, you’ll gain lots of insight!
Cost: free for both members and non-members. (Online Registration)

Highlight Texas Animals
Time: Saturday, November 18th, 12:30PM-1:30PM

Houston Zoo expert, Ms. DeAndra M. Ramsey came last year on October 22nd to talk about bats. The kids loved her fascinating lecture, so we’ve invited her to come tell us about some special an-imals in Texas. It will be unique and vivid! She’s taking time off to come speak to us for free, and we are very thankful. Please do not miss this chance!
Cost: free for both members and non-members. (Online Registration)

One Day Field Trip to Nacogdoches, TX
Time: Tuesday, November 21st, 8AM-6PM
Earlier this year (March 28th), we went to this city to admire the rhododendron flowers. At the time, half of the rhododendrons had already wilted, but everyone thought that the scenery in this small town was beautiful and we should come back again. The local tourism bureau advised that we come back in the autumn to see the maple leaves and other leaves changing colors, so we have decided to return to admire different scenery. At the same time, we’d like to enjoy the famous barbeque here. If time allows, we will also go hiking on Lanana Creek Trail since we regrettably did not have a chance to go last time.
Cost: Members $20, non-members $30. Includes all tickets and lunch. (Online Registration)

December Events

Secret of Grandma's Kitchen
Time: Saturday, December 2, 2017, 2:30PM-4PM

Location: Grand Hall, Taiwanese Community Center
This event will include exhibits about food culture, an introduction to Taiwanese snacks, and food sampling.
Everyone is welcome to attend. (Online Registration)

How to Hire a Repairman
Time: Saturday, December 9th, 12:30PM-1:30PM

People often ask: “I want to fix my house, but I wonder which home repairman is better? We are inviting Ms. Cindy Twyman from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to advise us: where to find more information about this, how to find a reliable repairman, how to create a repair contract, where to file a complaint if unsatisfied with the work, how to come to a resolution, et. Surely lots of people have faced similar issues before. We hope her talk will help us to prevent potential conflicts.
Cost: free for both members and non-members. (Online Registration)

BIG Love Cancer Care Fun Run/Walk
Time: Sunday, December 10th, 7:30 AM.
Place: Pearland Town Center
11200 W Broadway St #500
Pearland, TX 77584 (Map)
If you want to know more information about B.I.G love cancer care, please go
(Online Registration)

One Day Field Trip- Festival of Christmas Lights, Galveston, TX
Time: Tuesday, December 12, 4PM-9PM
Christmas holiday is coming and you can start seeing the hanging of Christmas lights everywhere.  It is very colorful and beautiful especially when you are seeing them at night, and it gives us a feeling of the festive and heartwarming season.  This year we are going to Galveston Moody Garden to see the Festival of Lights.  There are about one million Christmas light bulbs decorated around the Moody Gardens (about a mile long).  We can also take an overlooking at the nightly scenery of the Galveston Bay.  On the way back, we may also drive through the downtown area to see the Christmas decoration, please don’t forget to bring your camera.
Cost: Members $28, non-members $38. Includes $11 ticket and $12 dinner. (Online Registration)

Owls & Raptors
Time: Saturday, January 20th, 12:30PM~1:30PM
At the beginning of the year, two experts from the Houston Audubon Society came to introduce us to the traits of the migratory birds, where they are found, and how to protect them. Adults and children alike enjoyed the program very much, and now we have finally been able to invite their manager, Ms. Mary Anne Weber, to come talk about owls’ characteristics and their archenemies, etc. This will be an educational and meaningful lecture. She will be brining one or two owls and other raptors (predatory birds) and falcons, which will be sure to delight children.  (Online Registration)
Cost: Free for both members and non-members

Event Highlights

Ms. Kelly L. Drinnen from the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary came on October 7th to introduce us to three marine sanctuaries in the Gulf of Mexico. She helped us understand the characteristics of corals and other plants and animals that live in the deep seas. She talked about the East and West Banks, as well as the area between these two banks. These sanctuaries have been specially marked because there are many oil and natural gas pipelines along the Texas coast. She hopes everyone will care for and protect these precious areas of natural resources. Ms. Drinnen also brought several virtual goggles to show some footage of the Flower Garden Banks, allowing us to feel as though we were diving in the banks ourselves. (Event Photos)

Many community members have expressed interest regarding wills. Harris County Assistant County Attorney Mr. Brian A. Quintero came on October 14th to explain eight important types of power of attorney: Statutory Durable Power of Attorney, HIPAA Release, Agent for Remains, Medical Power of Attorney (for you as an adult), Medical Power of Attorney (for your minor kids), Declaration of Guardian (for you as an adult, in the event of later incapacity), Declaration of Guardian (for your minor kids), and Directive to Physicians. He stated that anyone over the age of 18 can create a will. The contents of a will should dictate: who is the executor, who gets what (or doesn’t get what). It can be handwritten, and needs to be signed with at least two witnesses present. If you want to know how to compose a will, there is software you can reference, or you can call the Harris County Attorney Office at (713) 759-9133 or visit Houston Volunteer Layers: *WILL-A-Thon*, (Event Photos)

After the flooding in Houston on August 27th, many renters and landlords have had disputes over home repairs. Ms. Rosemarie Donnelly from the Harris County Attorney Office came on October 21st to talk about rights of renters after a hurricane. Generally, if there is any danger to a resident’s health or safety, the landlord must make the best effort to repair the residence. If the home is no longer suitable for living, a renter can cancel the contract and move out, but must notify the landlord in writing. The notice should describe the conditions that make living impossible, provide photos or video footage, and indicate the date of notification. Send to the landlord by registered mail, fax, or email. If giving to the landlord in person, get a signed proof of receipt. Keep this evidence, then request for reimbursement of unused rent and return of security deposit, and provide an address where the reimbursed funds should be mailed. A landlord cannot fine a renter for terminating the contract early. If possible, get the landlord to sign an agreement.  If a residence is only damaged (but still livable), notify the landlord in writing of what is damaged and request for repairs. Again, provide photos or video footage of the damage and indicate the date of notification, and send by registered mail, fax, or email. If delivering in person to the landlord, you also need a signed proof of receipt. For damaged residences, renters must still pay full rent, or the landlord can be exempted from repairing the damage (renter would be able to request partial refund of rent). Discuss with the landlord first, and if you have any questions, call Houston Apartment Association’s Resident Relations Department at (713) 595-0300 or go online to file a report at, under “Renters”.  (Event Photos)

HOUSTON TAIWANESE SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES & CULTURE held one spooky yet playful Halloween event on October 28, 2017.  This event was prepared and hosted by the TYS (Taiwanese Youth Society) group.  Started from 10:30 AM, students were having fun with Halloween Art/DIY, "Basketball" Toss, How Much Candy,  Halloween Bingo, Hidden Candy activities followed by Costume Contest and Candy Hunt during the lunch hour.  Everyone was having a freakishly scary Halloween fun! (Event Photos)

The destination of our October Day Trip was Waco Texas.  On October 31 the group went to see Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and museum.  On the way, the group also visited Baylor University, Texas State Technical College, McLennan Community College and Dr. Pepper Museum.  The scenery was especially beautiful at Indian Spring Park and Waco Suspension Bridge; everybody was busy taking photos of those beautiful scenery. 

Other Community News

Houston Formosan Evergreen Association Monthly Meeting - November
Date: November 4, 2017, Saturday,  2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Location: Taiwanese Community Center
Program: Board members election, Inviting advertising vendors come to share about their business, Ms. Ko sharing of her personal healthy living tips

Taiwanese Association of America
「Exploration the Beauty of Formosa」〜Thanksgiving Dinner Gathering
Time: November 18, 2017 (Saturday)  3:30PM 〜7:00 PM
Place: Taiwanese Community Center (5885 Point West, Houston, TX 77036)
Content: Interactive programs with dinner and prize drawing.  Welcome to join us for a unique Thanksgiving gathering.

Please register by November 13, 2017, either by email (; come to TCC to register or by phone: 713-9 1-8787

Farewell Party for Long term Community Volunteer – Mr. Eddie Chuang
Time: Saturday November 4th, 5:30PM
Mr. Eddie Chuang’s farewell party has been rescheduled to 5:30 pm Saturday,  November 4, 2017.   The cost is $10 per person and a Bento Box dinner will be provided.  Please sign up at the TCC  if you like to join us to bid farewell to Mr. Chuang.   

International Quilt Festival Nov. 2 -5
Come to meet freehand patchwork artist Danny Amazonas(劉棟老師)Quilt show at George R. Brown Convention Center
1001 Avenida de las Americas
Houston, Texas, 77010
Danny Amazonas(劉棟老師) is an art quilter extraordinaire from Taiwan who has invented an unique quilting method called “mosaic”. You can come to see the Quilt Festival between 11/2 – 11/3; however, Mr. Danny will be there to narrate or expound of his works on 11/3 (Friday) 10:15-10:30AM .
16 pieces of his work will be on exhibit, but make sure come to see his 15-feet by 6-feet work "The ABYSS", created exclusively for this special exhibition.

Triangular Relations by Decade’s End: Washington DC - Taipei - Beijing Relations after 2016

Time: November 18, 2017 8:00AM – 9:00PM
Location: White Hall Hotel, 1700 Smith St, Houston, TX 77002
A major conference about the cur-rent state, challenges, and opportunities in the tri-angular relationship between Washington DC., Taipei, and Beijing. Policy and academic experts from across the United States will convene for this one-day conference to discuss the causes and consequences of current relations and contemplate future scenarios.
RSVP by Nov. 14 for conference and/or dinner: Dr. Yao-Yuan Yeh
713-525-3538 or

TACL Toastmasters Monthly Activities
Our club has been active for more than 25 years, one of our excellent highlights is biannual competition, Spring and Fall contests.  The most recent club contest was on 9/11 for Evaluation and Humorous Speeches.  Congrats to Kevin first place evaluations and Shang first place humorous speech.
Our wonderful members are the greatest attribute of TACL Toastmasters!  9/18 Patrick spoke on making your mark and Kevin shared the power of neighbors and volunteers after Harvey.  Nam led a great topics session on white lies and Kevin brought moon cakes.
9/25, Having so many members out of town isn't conducive to having a perfect meeting, but we made it work!  Nam gave a great speech, he was cool under fire from a hostile audience and firm.  I'd work Saturdays for him.  Thank you Peggy for the wonderful idea of watching Manoj Vasudevan's 2017 world champion speech to fill in our 2nd speech!  Stephen led a topics session on happiness.
Congratulations to Kevin, our club president, for being the runner up in Division M Evaluation Contest On 10/14, Congratulations to Lorrine's humorous speech was among winner's circle in Division M Contests. That's Totally Awesome!!
10/16 We had a fun meeting last night, it was great to have Nam back and we had a guest, Sneha!   Peggy gave a speech on ways to improve our memory and Phil urged us to go see the foliage change.  Kevin led a fun topic session debating the following: Is golf a sport?  Should we allow parents to gene edit for smarter babies?  Is it better to be honest & poor or dishonest & rich?  Our speakers were not encumbered by fear at all!

10/23 Commiserate with those who missed the meeting, because we had a good one!  Stephen toasted Sunny for finally retiring and Nam shared his experience going back to Vietnam after 47 years, wow!  Patrick led a lively topics session on the ethics of animal rights and we had especially good speaker feedback because Shang is back from his trip!
Next Monday, Oct 30th is our annual Halloween meeting!  Same time, 7:30 at the Taiwanese Community Center!  Wear a costume, bring a snack to share and a guest  We'll have a Spooky good time, Come joining us at a night for not being yourself

Check us out online at on Facebook @TACLtoastmasters or

November Newsletter of T. A. Archives 2017

TCC Announcements

  1. Thursday, November 23rd: due to Thanksgiving, the TCC will be closed for the day.
  2. For 2018 Medicare coverage, open enrollment is in the fall of 2017, from October 15 to December 7.  If you have questions about Medicare or health insurance, and like to have professionals explain them to you.  Please register at the TCC front counter.  If there are six or more people interested, we can invite Wendy Lin to give a talk.  The sooner you register, the sooner we can arrange the time.
  3. The Clothing and Food Drive was started on September 1st and we have already received donations from many people. This event will end on November 30th. This year, we will be donating everything to Turning Point Center’s new shelter for victims of domestic violence. There are eight families with a total of 28 people, including children aged 3 to 9 and their mothers. At times, the shelter takes in up to 40 people. Their most needed food items are milk powder, canned corn, canned green beans, and canned mixed vegetables. Their most needed clothing items are large towels, twin bed sheets and children’s clothes and shoes. If you have these items in clean and sanitary condition (do not need to be new), they would love to have them, and you are welcome to donate.
  4. Leisure Leaning 〜 Intermediate Japanese
    Do you like to listen to Japanese songs but unhappy not knowing what is the lyric saying?  Were you listening to your parents speaking in Japanese when you were young, and now you become interested learning about this language, but do not know where to go?  Do you want to leisurely and happily learning Japanese language?  If yes, then hurriedly come to register for the Intermediate Japanese class that is taught by Mr. Thomas You on every Tuesday afternoon from 2:00PM 〜 4:00PM.  This class focuses on Daily life and business conversation.  If you know the basic Japanese 50 words pronunciation and their writing, you can come and take the class.  Mr. You is a dedicated teacher; his class is lively and interesting.  Anyone who is interested to learn the Japanese language please come to join us! (Free for THSH members)

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