What Can This Be? An Interactive Literature/Art Project

03/25/2017 03:00 PM - 05:00 PM CT


Taiwanese Community Center
5885 Point West
Houston, TX 77036
United States of America
Room Number: 100 Grand Hall


What can this  be? The project is a Rorschach test in a cultural context—a simple shape can be more than a shape when viewer's mind can react to it. 
The contour of Taiwan is not a manmade border. Created by the moving sea plates over millions of years, its wavy shore line evokes people's imagination. Upon seeing the shape of Taiwan, the older generations of Taiwanese immigrants see a humble sweet potato while the younger generations see a whale swimming toward the Pacific Ocean. But what do our American born children see? 
This project includes 3 parts: the workshop for children's art, the literature workshop, and the public presentation. The workshop for children's art will present the contour of Taiwan in a circle - shaped paper board which allows the children to rotate the shape, to see the shape of Taiwan from all angles, and to create from their imagination. 
The details for the literature workshop and the public presentation will be announced in a later date.

Time/Location: March 25, Houston Taiwanese Community Center 
Fee: Free. A selection of children's art works will become part of the documentation, public presentation and publication. 
Age Group: 7 and up with photo permission, 5-6 years old participants must be accompanied by parent. 
Contact: Melinda-Chi@houston-taiwanese.org 
Conceived by Yu-Ru Huang, this project is sponsored by the Taiwanese Heritage Society of Houston